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7 Record Breaking Streamed Netflix Movies 2023

Everyone Watches Netflix Series but Which Series Is Watched the Most Around the World?

So Today in This Special Article We Will Know Which Are the Most Watched Series in the Second Quarter of 2023 the List Starts with the Action Movie That Started the Trend on Netflix

1. Extraction Netflix Movies 2023

images credit netflix
images credit netflix


Chris Hemsworth’s Movie: This Was the Beginning of the Hero’s Adventures in This Franchise Where He Wreaks Havoc to Save a Child’s Life.This Movie Came Out in 2020

but It Is Again Included in the Top 10 Movies on Netflix in the Ratings Because It Was Going to Be Released for the Second Time, It Was Streamed for 29.4 Million Hours by Netflix Users, Which Is Why

It Became the 7th Most Watched Film of the Second Quarter of 2023 It Is Available in Hindi on Netflix, the Real Strength of This Film Is Not in the Story but in the Action,

We All Know That the One That Is Keeping the Hollywood Rom-Com Genre Alive Is Netflix Because Every Month 2-3 Rom-Com Films Are Released Here So at Least Not One. Do Rom-Coms Deserve to Be on This List?

6 ‘The Tourist Guide to Love’ Netflix Movies 2023

6 'The Tourist Guide to Love' Netflix Movies 2023
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(April), the Heroine of This Film Goes to Vietnam for Some Work but Falls in Love with Her Tour Guide This Movie Has Many Weaknesses but If You Like Rom-Com MoviesSo This Movie Will at Least Entertain You

Properly Netflix Users Streamed It for 40.52 Million Hours Within 3 Weeks of Its Release and It Became the Sixth Most Watched Netflix Movie of 2023 It Is Available in Hindi on Netflix Watching Movies with Family Is More Fun

5 ‘Chhupa’ Netflix Movies 2023

5 'Chhupa' Netflix Movies 2023
images credit netflix

A Curious Young Boy Meets a Mysterious Friend and an Adventure Begins Although the Film Is Very Well Made and Carefully Constructed, It Is Written in a Very Simplistic Manner Therefore This Film Is More Suitable

for This. Children and Adults Will Not Like It That Much Regardless of Whether Netflix Users Watched It with Their Family or Alone Its Viewing Time in the First 4 Weeks Was 64.93 Million Hours. It Is Available in Hindi on Netflix,

4. ‘Seven Kings Must Die’ Netflix Movies 2023

4. 'Seven Kings Must Die' Netflix Movies 2023
images credit netflix

Without Talking About Spoilers, This Movie Shows a Satisfactory Ending to the Story of the Hero of ‘The Last Kingdom’ Series Technically It Seems Like the Film Is a Little Weaker Than the Series but It

Still Provides the Same Level of Entertainment That’s Why It Was Streamed for 69.54 Million Hours in the First 3 Weeks After Its Release and Became the Fourth Most Watched Movie of Netflix 2023,

3 Murder Mystery 2 Netflix Movies 2023

3 Murder Mystery 2 Netflix Movies 2023
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the Sequel of the Duper Hit Film- ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Is at Second Number. Adam Sandler and Netflix Have a Long History, Dating Back to the Early Days of Netflix His Films Released in March 2023 Took the Netflix

Craze to a Higher Level. in This Sequel, We See the Story of Those Funny Characters in Which There May Be Many Weak Points in This Film but If You Are a Fan of Adam Sandler’s Comedy Then You Will Enjoy Watching

the Second Film Just Like the First Film the Film Created a Stir as Soon as It Was Released. It Was Streamed 91.31 Million Hours in the First 4 Weeks, Making It the Third Most Watched Netflix Film of 2023.

2.’Extraction 2′ Netflix Movies 2023

images credit netflix 1
images credit netflix

Released in June 2023, the Sequel Is the Story Is Not That Great but the Action Is Very Good and Even Better Than the Previous Part, the Chase Sequences and Long Action Sequences Are Mind Blowing,

This Is from April to June 2023. Data but If We Add the Data of the First Week of July, ‘Extraction 2’ Could Have Been the Most Watched Film of This Quarter.

but It Was Streamed 148.1 Million Hours by the End of June and Came in Second Place

1 ‘The Mother’ Netflix Movies 2023

1 'The Mother' Netflix Movies 2023
images credit netflix

We Have Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Mother’ Releasing in May 2023 a Deadly Killer Who Is Also a Mother and This Mother Will Cross All Limits to Save Her Daughter According to Me This Movie in Itself

Brings Disappointment but If You Want to Watch an Action Movie to Pass Time, It Will Play Only When an Action Movie Is Released, Then Netflix Users Go Crazy,

That’s Why Even This Normal Movie Is Watched 229.3 Million Hours in First 4 Weeks It Is Available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, You Can Watch It at Your Own Risk

So Brothers These Are the Top 7 Movies Which Have Been in the List of Top Trending Movies of Netflix for 3-4 Weeks Continuously

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