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Indian Crime Thriller Web Series ( You Should Not Miss )

What Are the Best Indian Web Series in Crime/thriller/drama? Indian Crime Thriller Web Series You Should Not Miss

2023 Is Here and India’s Crime Thriller Is Hypnotizing Everyone with Its Content. Top Quality Content in Minimum Budget You Only Get to See This in Indian Crime Thrillers.

Asur Season 2 High Level Crime You Cannot Afford to Miss

at Number 1, We Have a Debacle. Not Physically but You Have to Be Mentally 18+ for Its High Level Crime Thriller Experience Otherwise You Will Be Left Mentally Disturbed.

This Series Will Mentally Disturb Kalyug to Its Peak the Time Has Come to Reach the Limit of the Age of Darkness. the Expectation That Season 1 Had Set According to Me

Than Season 2 Took It to the Next Level and Its Biggest Reason Is Its Strong Villain Old Scriptures, High-Tech Technology, Twist and Puzzles Deadly Combination of All Three

the Way Subh Gets to Everyone One by One Is Just Amazing and We Need to Salute the Director and Writers for That. Whose Writing Thinking Is So Cruel and Dangerous.

You Will Become Mentally Disturbed Only After Two Episodes the Series Is Too Dark, It Is Absolutely Not for Everyone 8 Episodes, 50 Minutes Each Don’t Forget to Download Kuku Fm

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Top 10 Indian Crime Thriller Web Series in Hindi India’s Crime

School Off Life Crime Thriller Hits Different If It Is Inspired by True Story a Student Missing from School. the Investigation Has Started, Someone Is Saying He Ran Away After Stealing Money, Someone Says He Has Commited Suicide

Hidden Behind the Innocence of School Children Is a Dirty and Very Bitter Truth. Mystery. Shakti Ran Away, I Have Seen It Myself.

8 Episodes and Only 35 Minutes. It Doesn’t Bor You Because the Children of the Series Have Acted Better Than the Adults. Everyone Is Telling Lies Upon Lies

to Hide the Big Truth. This Makes It Very Exicting Everyone Is Doing Their Own Investigation and Unveiling a New Chapter. This Is Also the Negative

Series Does Not Even Come to the Point It Goes Round and Round and Round and Round My Patience Was Breaking but Thanks to Just 35 Minutes Short Episodes.

Rana Naidu Which Crime Series Is Famous Indian Crime

If You Like Investigation and Mystery Then This Is for You Whenever There’s a Celebrity Scandal, They Alwayscall Rana for Help. but Suddenly When His Dad Is Released from Jail. He Starts to Interfere in Rana’s Life,

That Is When the Real Problems Start.with 1 Positive and 2 Negatives Ten Episodes. 45 Minutes Filled with Scandals, Crime and Sex

but After a Point There Are Sex Scenes That Seemed Forced and with No Reason Plus Every Character Has Issues Related to Sex I Was Doubting That Is It Really

Inspector Avinash Crime Thriller Indian Crime

You Should Watch This Series for Its Bold Sex Scenes Nevertheless They Have Came Up with Innovative Ideas for the Sex Scenes on Top of That, Great Acting by Venkatesh and Rana Daggubati.

I Listened to Such a Bold and Erotic Crime Thriller

Inspector Avinash a Domineering Police Officer Hero or Villain? Inspired by the 90’s Real Life Story a Story Randeep Hooda with His Acting and Twist and Turn

Be It Netflix’s Khaki or Mx Player’s Bhaukaal I Am Able to Judge Its Pattern the Action Scenes Were Poorly Choreographed Typical Bhai Jaan Movies for Short Episodes, Dabangg Randeep Hooda and a Lot of Crime You Must Try It Once.

Scoop You Should Not Miss This Hindi Web Series

the Next Web Series Reminds Me of Scam 1992 Jagruti Pathak Is Caught Up in a Journalist’s Murder and the Trap Laid by the Police, Media and Mumbai Underworld.

to What Extent Will Jagruti Have to Fight for Her Justice? What? Nana, Meaning Chota Rajan? with 2 Positives and 1 Negative 6 Episodes, 1 Hour Each

Perfect for Binge Watch. Harshal Mehta’s Direction Addiction Does Not Leave You. According to Me in the History of India Perhaps This Will Be the First Content in Which the Reporter Is Presented Like a Hero.

Well Presented by Karishma’s Acting Character of Jagruti My Perspective Has Changed for Reporters. the Series Opens a Lot of Cards and Puts It in Front of You.

It Becomes Difficult to Wrap It Up in the End Hansal Mehta’s Direction Is a Like a Drug. When I

the Night Manager That You Must Watch

World’s Biggest Weapon Dealer Who Earns Money by Killing People. Now with Full Planning to Stop It a Spy Has to Enter Its Family.

Full of Love and Betrayal with 2 Positives and 1 Negative Even Though This Is a Remake to a British Series but Has Been Made by National Award Winner Sandeep Modi

Completely Keeping in Mind the Indian Audience Kept It Tight and Full of Twists and Turns Aditya Kapoor Is Scared Throughtout the Series Anil Kapoor at Its Best and Only Four Episodes of Season 1

45 Minutes Have Come So Far. Soon the Story Will Continue in Season 2. a Deady Combiantion of Spy Thriller and Crime Thriller with Unexpected Twist and Turn

Dahaad Mind Web Series Blowing Crime India’s

Just Man, I Didn’t Like That Love Angle Very Much as a Trophy After Every Murder, Serial Killers Definitely Keep Some Souvenir with Himself.

but the Serial Killer of This Series Is a Very Common Man After That You Will Go to Doubt the People Around You. Seems Like a Demon to Me.

Inpired by True Story. with 3 Positives and 2 Negatives Starting Two Episodes Are Below Average and Test Language of Your Patience in Some Episodes You May Find the Story a

Bit Repeatative Presented After the 3rd Episode Is Great! I Wasn’t Bored for a Minute the Serial Killer Played by Vijay Verma Has Won the Hearts of Most Good Thing Is You Will Get to See the Ending Inside This Crime Thriller.

No Fuss About Season 2 Amazon Prime’s Underrated Hidden Gem Series. Talking About the Underrated Series,

Trial by Fire Web Series Which Is Most Trending

This Year’s the Most Underrated Series from a True Crime Story

Delhi’s Uphaar Cinema Caught Fire How They Expose the Bitter Truth, with 3 Positives and 1 Negative 7 Episode 45 Minutes Hypnotized Me with Its Dark Theme. Neelam and Shekhar

After Losing Children, Step by Step How They Fight with the System Rajshri Deshpande Reminded Me of Delhi Crime’s Shifali Shah the Mother’s Whose Pain and Struggle

I Am Feeling Myself Completely in the Series Surprises Twist Turns Are Very Less but Series Cinematography, Direction Has So Much Power You Will Finish Seven Episodes at Once

You Will Be Hooked to the Series. Let’s Aim for 7000 Likes Before Top 3 Series for the Next Part.

Saas Bahu Aur Flamingo Which Is the Highest Crime Web Series

in Web Series, Women’s Are Seen Becoming Victims. We Are Now Bored.

Many Have Become Dominant in This World of Men Now It’s Turn for Indian Women Crime Thrillers Like Narcos and Breaking Bad with 2 Positives and 1 Negative

Aagyo Dao and Savitri Rani Sahiba Fightr Each Other the Fight Is Very Cool and There Are Pulsating Scenes Be It Sex or Violence, No Shame Very Fast Pace Editing, Top Class Female Actors and

in Very Rowdy Style. at Some Parts the Story Loses Its Gripbut 8 Episodes, 50 Minutesthe Deadly Combination of Mother in Law and Daughter in Law Will Keep You Gripped Till the End

Farzi Which Is Web Series the Most Watched

Sunny Has the Art of Making Fake Currency Notes Now How Far Will This Art of His Take Him

What Will It Get Sunny to Do and Will It Take Away Anything from Him with 3 Positives and 2 Negatives Raj & Dk’s Screen Plan and Writing Gives You Complete Family Man Vibes

Shahid Kapoor Is Completely Engrossed in Sunny’s Character He Is the Villain, He Is the Hero, the Whole Series Revolves Around Him Lot of Satire Moments in the Series

Awesome Comedy. If We Talk About the Negative, It’s Slow Till the Fourth Episode. in Some Parts Nothing Is Going on Camera Is Steady

Could Have Been Pulled Out in Editing Cause of Which Its 1 Hour Long Episodes Are Quite Noticable and Don’t Expecrt Villain from This Series

Because Fielding, Batting, Bowling Everything Is Done by Shahid Kapoor 8 Episodes Is Definitely a Bit Long but Will Not Disappoint You at All

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