7 best new movies to stream in august 2023

1.Omg 2 Released on August 11


1, The best Hindi film not only of this month but of the entire year, which presents bold topics in a fun and full-on comedy style.

Released on August 11, OMG’s sequel “OMG 2” ran into controversy even before its release with the censor board giving it 27 cuts,

People believed that religion and sex education were shown mixed in this film, but there is nothing like that in this film. this movie

The important topic has been highlighted with facts. It is a simple film, whose story, characters and acting seem very relatable and Pankaj Tripathi’s excellent acting is heart winning

Youth must watch this film and parents and family should also watch this film. Watch it at your place. Currently it is live in theaters but by the end of September it will also be available on OTT.

2, Great Actor – Rajinikanth’s new movie “Jailor”

2, Great Actor - Rajinikanth's new movie Jailor
2, Great Actor – Rajinikanth’s new movie Jailor

Released on August 10, this action thriller is celebrated not as a film but as a national holiday because of Rajinikanth’s crazeThe film showcases Indian cinema’s most legendary

superstar in an action avatar and takes Rajini sir’s rise to stardom And the writers have also created a good balance of stardom and story, only the length of this film is also a little too much.

Some things in the second half feel like they are unwanted but the presence of superstar Rajinikanth and the fun to watch story makes it a perfect movie to watch with the family now

3.Blue Beetle released on August 18

Blue Beetle
Blue Beetle

3, DSEU’s second last film “Blue Beetle” is released on August 18, this superhero film is based on a Mexican boy who with the help of alien technology becomes an indestructible There’s nothing

unique or out-of-the-box about the superhero becoming Blue Beetle. in this movie It has the same basic story as every superhero movie but the best thing about it is its execution, amazing cast,

great characters We will also get to see a new superhero along with a new superhero who will keep you entertained the whole time. The plot and this movie is also very entertaining

4.”Gran Turismo” released on August 25

4, released on August 25, is a fast-paced car racing film that will inspire you to achieve your dreams-

Gran Turismo Movies Poster
Gran Turismo

The film depicts the real story of 3 underdogs who participate in the world’s most exclusive car racing. You may find the runtime of this film a bit long because of its The pacing is a little

inconsistent at times but man, this movie’s inspiring true story, amazing performances and emotions all add up to make it a great movie, This movie is currently live in theaters in

Hindi, so if you want to watch something unique then try it.

5.”Alone” released on 25 August

The 5th film is a survival thriller of Hindi cinema, which depicts the fight for survival of a common Indian girl, released on 25 August

5.Alone released on 25 August
5.Alone released on 25 August

This film really stood ‘alone’ as it got somewhat lost among the Gadar 2, Blue Beetle films. , OMG 2, Jailer An Indian girl goes to Iraq for a job but the situation there turns upside down as if

Leave the job but living also becomes difficult.See, the first part of the film is strong but the second part could have been made stronger and more intense, there is no dearth of fear,

mystery and thrill in the film.And Nushrat Bharucha has given amazing performance in this movie. It’s bold theme of the movie makes it worth watching at least once. Especially for adult members of the family,

6.”King of Kotha” released on August 24

6, Again we have a massive entertainer starring Pushpa, John Wick, Vikram

King of Kotha

Featuring the talented actor-Dulquer Salmaan’s combo action style, “King of Kotha” released on August 24, the film is an action crime thriller. Which depicts the story of a heroic gangster,

its action, cinematography and every frame is designed to entertain on a large scale, That is why it may disappoint realistic movie lovers and its slow pace will disappoint everyone but

Dulquer Salmaan’s amazing performance, makes it Makes the film worth the money so if you are a Dulquer fan and a mass entertainer, do give it a try in theater no

7 “Gadar 2” released on August 11

Film no. 7 Not only this month but the whole year

7 Gadar 2 released on August 11
7 Gadar 2 released on August 11

Famous for “Gadar 2”, which was released on August 11, this film has created a stir at the box office. Like ‘Gadar 1’, this film has collected Rs 600 crore more than expected. in this

sequel The same story, nostalgia and emotion has been carried forward This is a very exciting film which is best when watched in theaters, apart from Sunny Deol it will not have that much

impact after releasing on OTT The performance is a bit disappointing but Sunny Paaji, his excellent dialogues and good songs, do not let you feel negative,

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